Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sydney's Best Chocolate Shops?

On the cover of this week's Good Living guide in the SMH was the headline "Sydney Best Chocolate Shops". My excitement was quickly dashed when I turned to the section and the following shops were reviewed...

Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place
Max Brenner
Fink Chocolate Cafe in Lane Cove

Now I have nothing against these chocolate shops. In fact, I'm quite fond of the first 2 myself (haven't been to Fink so can't say). But do they really deserve the title 'the best'?

What about Just William in Paddington? Or Bon Bon in the QVB? Or even the ol' Neuhaus stand in the Qantas domestic terminal?

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RyƧ said...

I googled best choc shops in Sydney and I saw your blog. Just wanted to say that I definitely agree... The writer/s should've done much more research. Chocolateria San Churro is one of my favourites and it definitely tops Max Brenner. :-D