Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Revenge of the Cardigan

Came across Ben Kweller's free 'One Minute Pop Song' podcasts completely by accident on iTunes. I don't know how I missed them before considering I subscribe to his newsletter...

Anyway, they are quite amusing vignettes* of his life and well worth a peek if at least for this incredibly daggy aran cardigan he wears throughout. (Man, I had one of those when I was a kid in that exact shade.)

I like the episode where he talks about how he learnt the drums from his dad. I think it's ep 4.

You can also get them on YouTube, but mate, if you got this far, just follow the links on his website.

Actually I came across BK's podcast cos I was downloading Zach Braff's (also free) podcast about his new movie 'The Last Kiss' (which unfortunately for Australia, is not coming out til Feb 07). Again they are short vignettes* of cast members doing very very inane things. I'm sure there are links on his blog.

*I really truly hate the word 'vignette'. I think it's one of the ugliest words on the planet, but I was forced by my thesis supervisor to use it over and over again in my thesis to refer to these videos that I showed my research 'subjects'. Clearly the experience has scarred me.

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Pig wot flies said...

I rather like the word vignette. Maybe it's just that I don't get to use it very often, whereas you've clearly had far too much of it. Never mind, it doesn't crop up that frequently.