Thursday, August 10, 2006

Haigh's Chocolates

I'm still on a mission to find the best chocolate shop in Sydney. (See my earlier rant here.)

Queen B and I went to Haigh's in The Strand Arcade one lunch this week and it was somewhat disappointing.

Mind you, the chocolates looked very nice, but the prices were heart stopping. (Although it looked like lots of people could afford them. The shop was packed.)

Things that tempted me included...
70% cocoa dark chocolate block ($7.50 for 100g)
Dark chocolate marshmallow bars and ginger bars ($7.40 for a pack of 4, 176g in total)
Super sized frogs ($16 for a 375g frog)
Dark chocolate rocky road ($6.90 for 200g or $16.35 for 500g)

We walked out with just a dark chocolate peppermint frog ($0.90) for me and a milk chocoate cappucino bar ($1.80) for Queen B. The frog was good but the bar was way too sweet.

They did give us free choc coated berry balls. But the insides were like yoghurt coated synthetic fruit. I much prefer the chocolate coated raspberries I had here.

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