Sunday, March 11, 2007

It Ain't Easy Being Aqua

Blogging on the weekend. This is getting sad. But, the Wave Lace Socks are completed!

(Incidentally, these socks are on the cover of the new Interweave book Favourite Socks by editors Ann Budd and Anne Merrow so they must be popular.)

So, project details...
Wave Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark in IWK Spring 04
2 balls of Grignasco Bambi Merino Extrafine in aqua (vaguely in line with the Socktopia March theme of 'it ain't easy being green')
2.75mm dpns

Modifications: I opted for the 1x1 twisted rib cuff instead of the scalloped cuff shown in the magazine but that's about it. The scalloped cuff is just a tad too feminine.

Oh and a view of the heel and gusset on my flickr.

Sadly, I'm definitely coming to the end of my sock phase and am itching to start a big project. I think it'll be a cardigan from Jo Sharp Knit 2 for my mum.

Oh and I've started the 2nd Cloud Bolero. So far I've ripped back to the beginning only once but reading this pattern is making me cross-eyed! Again!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Yay!! These look GREAT!!!!

Susan said...

We'll just squint and call it green...aqua green. It will work. Beautiful socks.

Nora said...

Beautiful socks.