Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sideways Spencer Finished

Complete with buttons.

Taken on verandah of our Cradle Mountain Lodge cabin.


gray la gran said...

oh my goodness! a wonderful finished sweater an NO comments?! how rude of us!
i really liked this sweater pattern when it came out ... and it's such a treat to see a finished one :) i look forward to following your progress on your asymmetrical cardigan. i have been wanting to knit the long lopi-lite cardigan/coat, but have too many projects in queue to even consider it anytime soon.

ielle said...

great work, i just started this pattern myself last sunday. I've had the yarn laying about for some time, but I've been so busy. However when masterpiece theater started playing jane austen films every sunday, my friends and i found ourselves inspired again. Anyway, I'm really excited how easy this pattern is once you figure out the ridiculously confusing chart. I can't wait until mine looks as nice as yours!

Now if I could stop losing my cable needle, we'd be all set. Thanks for posting this i was looking for a smaller picture to paste into my knitting pattern's scrap book.