Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Bolero

I made this for a friend's wedding last October.

Beaded Bolero 1

The pattern was designed from scratch, knitted on 3mm needles, and took me 3 months.

I was going to post a photo of her wearing it at the wedding after the big day.

Beaded Bolero 3

But she didn't wear it.


Jasmin said...

What a bummer. On an up note, the bolero is GORGEOUS.

tiennie said...

It's really pretty! Too bad she didn't wear it. :(

Lara said...


I've heard that weddings turn normal people into freaks, but that is pretty terrible.

The bolero is beautiful, your design and workmanship are superb, and I am sure your manners are so much better than hers too.

I'm sorry.

dorothee said...

Oh... that's too bad. The bolero is so beautiful! You should write down the instruction and put it up for sale.

Hefin said...

Your friend wore it to church on Sunday.

BTW for the other commentators... the wedding day was 30 Degrees C.