Monday, April 16, 2007

London Calling

I give you, the London Beanie...

I know, my head is way too round for beanies. This is going to a happy home in the UK.

I used 1 ball of Zara in chocolate brown (MC) and scraps for CC. I made it a lot longer than the pattern required - an extra 19 rounds in fact!

And now, the EXCITING news. We're going on holidays! This has been in the works for quite a few months now and we're leaving on Friday. Yes, THIS Friday!

Our itinerary includes a very short stint in London, followed by Scandinavia, Spain, and home via Hong Kong.

I've already started compiling a list of yarn shops in all those places, thanks to some very nice friends from blogland.

Heidi pointed me to a very comprehensive listing of yarn stores in Scandinavia under the Garn Studio stockists page.

Catrin and Gabriella both suggested these two stores in Stockholm, which I will definitely visit...
Marias Garn at St Paulsgatan 20 - near Mariatorget, Södermalm
Nysta at Luntmakargatan 50, Norrmalm

Gabriella also suggested a few around the Malmö area...
Sländan at Lilla Fiskaregatan 1 in Lund
Irmas Hus at Kalendegatan 13 in Malmö
Signe Svensson Garnaffär at Davidshallsg 25 in Malmö
Yllet on Jöns Filsgatan 2 in Malmö (also in Stockholm at Drottninggatan 106)

I'm also thinking of visiting these ones in Copenhagen, thanks to Maud's write up here...
Sommerfuglen at Vandkunsten 3
Uldstedet on Fiolstraede 13
Strikkeboden, cnr of Fiolstraede and Krystalstraede

Back in London, I'm hoping to make a trip to Loop sometime in our 24 hours there. Oh and amazingly, I even found a listing of yarn shops in Hong Kong!!

Okay okay, I am resisting from doing any more research about yarn stores for this trip, or else poor Jerms will surely die of boredom, and bankruptcy!


Pig wot flies said...

One more place you should go in London is Stash yarns. It's a bit less central than Loop but worth a visit from all I hear (I've never been, but I've heard very good things from those who have).

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Very cute!!!!

Heidi said...

Nice beanie! I'm so jealous of your holiday! I really need to see something else for a change! Well, at least it's sunny here in Finland, so it's not toooo bad...

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday secret pal!

Sally said...

I went to Stash and Loop last October and wasn't dreadfully enamoured with either of them. I hear that I Knit London is really good though - it's in SW8 not far from Vauxhall Bridge Station I think. And I tried the Hong Kong ones. Would be very interested to see if you discover anything worth going to in HK, so I can put it on my list for next time. Have a great trip.