Monday, November 26, 2007

Mini Tote

string bag

A quick little project using a ball of Drops Muskat bought in Oslo. Free pattern here. I made a mini version by casting on 25 st (using 5mm circs) as I only had 1 ball in this colour.

In other news, I'm finally attempting to conquer my fear of crochet. My very first attempt shown below...

crochet attempt

crochet closeup

I have no idea whether it's meant to look like this. (It certainly doesn't in the book I'm using.) The holes are massive and ridiculously uneven. For some reason the holes are always bigger at either end of the row so the piece is kind of trapezoid in shape. Advice, anyone?


tiennie said...

That color is so pretty! What a great project!

Melinda said...

Great pattern - thanks for the link! I am definately going to make it! Did you use a cotton yarn? (it looks more shiny)

Congrats on starting crochet - I have a stack of patterns for 'when I learn to crochet'!