Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone

At least I managed to post before January's out. Just a quick knitting update really...

1. Second crochet bag, done!

2nd crochet bag

For all the details check it out on my Ravelry. Incidentally this was made over our Christmas holiday near Jervis Bay where we stayed on a property with ALPACAS!


They are such funny creatures.

2. The Convertible Cardigan finally has buttons. They look like giant chocolate buds.

Convertible Cardigan w Buttons

One day I may decide to model this cardigan (it's more like a jacket) but for now, I'm not insane enough to wear it in 30 degree heat.

3. Oh and I finally moved beyond swatching for my dad's perfect v-neck jumper.

Back in August last year, my dad asked me to make him a jumper after he saw the cardigan I made my mum for her birthday. So I promised to make him one for his birthday which is not until April. Plenty of time.

He specified that he wanted something he could wear to any and all occasions - casual, formal, weddings, funerals (my father is a pastor, so he actually goes to a lot of these). It has to be not too dark, not too light (definitely not Aran), not too plain, but not too fancy either. Piece of cake.

I then proceeded to do what I always do when I promise to knit someone something - I procrastinated. (This, incidentally, is why I do not knit Christmas gifts.) Since promising to make my dad this jumper, I've made 3 bags, a scarf, a cardigan, a baby sweater, a pair of socks and half of another jumper.

What have I done on dad's jumper? This...

Waistband on Dad's V-neck

So far this is my 3rd attempt at the border. And I still haven't quite decided on a pattern. I guess I work better under pressure.

Summer is just too good to blog. Talk next month.