Friday, June 16, 2006

Sideways Spencer *Almost* Finished!

Really bad at progress reports. This thing called 'day job' keeps getting in the way...

Anyway, sew the neckband on last night (am completely incapable of picking up stitches so I always sew the bands on). Blocked the thing (by steam iron) and wahla!

(Will get a full shot when I can be bothered taking some decent daytime photos.)

Now I just need to find buttons!

Changes to pattern are numerous but the main ones here...
1. Lengthened sleeves A LOT.
2. Lengthened body by 1 pattern repeat - is this top designed for people with short arms and no boobs? (interestingly the model in the pic actually has her sleeves folded over... how short are her arms?)
3. Knitted front bands straight onto body. Cannot be arsed to pick up stitches.
4. Ditched i-cord edges - sounds fun to do but too daggy!
5. Changed collar to straight rather than shirt collar (again due to dag factor)

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