Monday, June 19, 2006


Started the lace pattern sweater in Rebecca 28. This is the best picture I got - apologies for the gross cuddling which completely does not show off the sweater.

Am using Nundle Woollen Mill's 12ply in a light grey. My gauge is a bit off at the moment but I'm hoping with a bit of heavy blocking it'll stretch out to the right size. (Haven't we heard that one before?)

It's meant to be a one size fits all pattern (boob size 32" to 36") which makes it v. difficult to alter the pattern to accommodate my gauge. More skepticism.

Also using a pair of 7mm bamboo circulars I bought on eBay not long ago but it's driving me NUTS. Instead of sturdy plastic rope joining the two needles it has a piece of sticky plastic tubing. Needless to say all the stitches are sticking to the tubing instead of moving along the needle smoothly.

Am going to buy a new pair at Tapestry Craft today and start from scratch.

But I think maybe this project is cursed cos I still haven't motivated myself to finish the Jo Sharp wrap cardigan.

Who'd have thought plain stocking stitch in a black mohair would be so boring?

If I remember correctly I started this in winter 2004. I'm down to the last half a sleeve but the thought of having to sew all the pieces together AND pick up the super long neckband AND make the i-cord ties just thrill me to bits. Why?

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