Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Travel Knitting

We're off to Tassie tomorrow for a week. Woohoo!

Tough decision as to which knitting project I should bring. It's a toss up between Rebecca 28 sweater or something new altogether. (See how I'm avoiding the Jo Sharp wrap cardi?)

One of my pet hates (of which there are many) is the issue of knitting needles on planes. Apparently Sydney Airport is the only airport in the world that won't allow knitting needles 'whether metal or other material' on flights.

This is TOTALLY STUPID because as all knitters know, needles in bamboo/plastic/wood are no more harmful than say - a ballpoint pen or a pair of chopsticks. Are they going to ban pens and chopsticks on planes now???

In defiance I have brought many knitting projects on planes before and the scans have never detected them. It's their fault if they miss them. So ha!


HJ said...

Wasn't on a domestic flight to Tassie that that bloke tried to take out one of the Flight Attendants with two wooden stakes?

princesspumpkin said...

Point is, if they're going to ban anything that has the remote potential of being used as a weapon, then we should all have to travel naked.

hj said...

Not sure if even that would satisfy the 'no potential weapons' criterion...