Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Breaking the Curse

Something momentous happened on the weekend.

I finally casted on for the 2nd sleeve of Cosmopolitan. This is the Jo Sharp wrap cardigan that has plagued me for over 2 years and has been wrecking my knitting mojo. (Just do a search on this blog for 'Cosmopolitan' to read the background story, if you're really that interested.)

It is actually an incredibly fast knit on 5mm needles and once I got going it wasn't so bad. I'm up to the shoulder shaping now. Should get it done tonight.

Then I have my favourite part - SEAMING - to look forward to. Woohoo.

However, I promised myself I won't start any new projects until Cosmopolitan is complete. Which is hard because I got my copy of Rebecca 31 last night (btw, I see that 32 is just out) and I know my Knitting Nature is coming in the mail (so the shop tells me - apparently it was posted in Sydney on the 28th July...)

There's quite a few things in these two publications that I want to make, such as a little black bolero in Rebecca 31.

I've also been meaning to start Arisaig for months now. The Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I got for this project is gathering dust!

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