Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dun Dan (Steamed Egg)

I did it. I made Dun Dan (Chinese steamed egg custard) last night. And it was good. It's probably my favourite dessert in the whole wide world.

The recipe below is courtesy of Jayne's mum. Well I didn't really ask her permission but I'm sure she doesn't mind advertising her culinary prowess to the world.

So here goes... "Auntie Rita's Steamed Egg Custard" (abridged - cos' I'm just doing this from memory).

Ingredients (for 1 serving* - double/triple/hundruple as desired):
50ml hot water (a bit more if you like your custard really soft)
1 tbs sugar (I would add a lot more but am probably putting myself at srisk of diabetes)
1 egg

*I actually doubled the ingredients for my 1 serving but I have these Texan ramekins

1. Dissolve sugar in hot water. Cool to room temp.
2. Get steamer going.
3. Mix egg and sugar water really well.
4. Pour into bowl/ramekin. Steam in steamer for 6 mins or until set (took about 10 mins for my double portion. I tested it by whacking the side of the ramekin with a chopstick to see if it's still wobbly.)
5. Eat while it's hot hot hot!

Here's what it looked like before it went into the steamer...



(Notice that the surface is not very even. It's probably because I didn't mix the egg well enough - below the surface it's beautiful though.)

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Anonymous said...

I love dun dan! For extra taste and a smoother consistency I like to add milk to my dun dan, usually 3/4 milk-1/2 water.