Friday, September 29, 2006

Pieces of Arisaig

I have not been idle.

All the pieces of Arisaig are finished! Hoorah, no more tiny rows of ribbing and boy am I sick of that lace pattern (as lovely as it is)....

I made quite a few mistakes with the sleeves, which was annoying because it's nothing complicated - I just kept losing count and sometimes I would forget to increase or decrease at the end of a row even when I had increased or decreased at the start of that row!!! Brain's gone to mush I think.

I did do something clever - a 3-needle bind off on the shoulders (see right). It saves a tiny bit of seaming (which is my pet hate, along with knitting in the round) and it looks way neater. Here's the blurb about it in Knitty but I used the instructions at the back of any Interweave Knits cos' there's a picture!

Hopefully I'll have the finished Arisaig to show and tell next week. The long weekend should help. I haven't yet decided on a colour for the tie yet but maybe a lilac or rose.

My next project will be the long awaited Asymmetrical Cardigan in Knitting Nature. In the meantime, my travel knitting consists of...

Cashmere lace scarf using Belisa Cashmere, which I started not long after Easter. Don't ask me why I'm putting myself through another fine lace project. I'm mad.


Pig wot flies said...

Hey well done on Arisaig. I've still got a second front and two sleeves to do. Wish I'd thought of a three needle bind off. I might go back and do it. Muchly preferable to seaming.

princesspumpkin said...

As long as you've left enough of a tail at the shoulders you can just undo the bind off and use the 3 needle bind off. I love it!