Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nature Adventure

My Knitting Nature has finally arrived! I'll be blogging my adventures on the Knitalong with supplementary pics and excessively self-indulgent comments on this blog.

My first project is the Asymmetrical Cardigan.

I'm tempted by the Coastline Skirt though...

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Monika said...

I just left a message at the Knitting Nature KAL, but I'll leave one here too. Have a look at the pictures of the cardigan worn by my daughter. It gaps open into an triangel because the buttons are more on top. You might want to change that. This was the only thing bothering her. She liked the sleeves (a little long). I did everything by the book, except the length of the back, it's 3" off in the pattern. I made the petit size, don't know about the other sizes. Have fun knitting it! The stitch pattern is lovely. I saw it in white too and it looked fabulous!