Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Handmade Felt Book

ISBN 4277430023

Beautiful Japanese book published by Ondori with lots of projects for bags, hats, creatures, corsages, baby booties and more.

Pics on my flickr.

A couple of the more basic projects have step-by-step photo instructions but the rest are just diagrams. Both wet felting and needle felting projects are included.

I'm not sure whether it's suitable for someone with no previous felting experience. I bought it more for inspiration and ideas rather than to learn how to felt.

Some really unusual bags are included, like the melon bag below... although I'm not really sure it's a bag - looks more like it's stuffed with fleece and it's a bit difficult to work out from the instructions when you can't speak Jap.

My absolute favourite in the book are these flower corsages...

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