Monday, July 31, 2006

Sydney Tourist

We're on a mission to 'get out more' on the weekends...

So on Saturday we decided to be tourists and walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge starting from Milson's Point, through The Rocks and the Botanic Gardens down to Harry's pies at Woolloomoolloo Wharf.

Was a glorious day in Sydney...

Pies at Harry's were quite disapointing though.

Here's my pie & mushy peas with gravy (mushy being the operative word)

Here's Jerm's potato pie with gravy (more accurately a pie with mash on top)

Tastewise, not even close to Fredo Pies - an essential stop on our way to Byron Bay.

More pics at my flickr under tags harbourbridge, royal botanic garden, harryscafedewheels

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