Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi There

The radio silence is partly because I haven't been able to log onto this blog for a couple of months (tried everything and got no help from Blogger) and was thinking about shutting it down altogether (except I couldn't even log in to do that). Even now I'm in via a roundabout back way that Jerms managed to figure out. (The last post was a test one he wrote - I was going to delete it as didn't think anyone was still reading it but evidently I was wrong! Thanks Sally!)

To give you a quick update, I am still knitting like mad (will try and post some pics soon). Since the last post I've finished a cashmere scarf, most of a jumper (one more sleeve to go), and one monkey sock.

I also started sewing - 6 cushions, a scarf, a couple of bags so far.... Stay tuned.

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