Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lethal Weapon

It had to happen.

I sustained an injury involving a KnitPicks dpn and blood, real blood, on the train yesterday (okay, it was only a small amount) . I was trying to grab it as it fell out of my hand but instead I pushed it into my leg. It went straight through my jeans, grazed the skin and left a red swollen patch on my inner thigh. Lovely.

The culprit.

In other knitting news, mum's Jo Sharp cardi is making good progress. I've finished both fronts and the back. Now I just need to calculate the sleeve shortening - darn these people with short arms!

And pzzzzt... I'm so excited to hear that KnitCast with Marie Irshad is returning to our podwaves soon!


Nora said...

Ooops, pointy aren't they?

tiennie said...

That is why I knit using the Magic Loop method on one circ - less chance for injury and dropped needles!

Anonymous said...

love how the jo sharp cardi is looking! can't wait to see a finished product